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Alpinistas Swag

Alpinistas Swag

Posted by Alpinistas on Nov 02, 2022

Have you been noticing the Alpinistas swag circling your social feeds?  Our nalgene, stickers and lip balm have been spreading across the country.  

Nalgene is an industry favorite for water storage on the trail or in the backcountry. We always have an Alpinistas nalgene or two in our pack. Lightweight, sturdy and a great place to slap a sticker.

Our stickers are high quality and durable. They'll last through many washes if stuck on a water bottle and can withstand the harshest weather if sitting on gear or your car. 

Our lip balms are reef safe (even though we are mountain based) and have SPF.

Want to join in on the hype and help to spread Alpinistas brand awareness?  Here are some easy ways to get your kit.

  1. Become an Alpinistas Ambassador!  Get a swag kit plus a ton of other benefits like discounts and priority event access.
  2. Contribute an article or host an event!  We'll post your article to our site and share it on social.  If you are more of the hostess type, we'll send you some swag and party favors for your next event.
  3. Attend an Alpinistas Adventures event!  All event attendees receive an Alpinistas nalgene and swag kit.
  4. Purchase one on our site!

Want to learn more about our swag?

Our nalgenes arrive to our US distributor straight from the nalgene plant and are printed in the USA.  

Our outdoor stickers are manufactured in the US from a pretty rad company called Sticker Mule.  

Our lip balms are manufactured in the US.