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Welcome to Alpinistas!


We exist to help make the outdoors more accessible to women.


Our mission is to encourage and empower women to explore the outdoors and we do this by providing a female-friendly shopping experience, through outdoor education and recreation programs and strong community development.


Alpinistas, an online retail store, is where women who hike, climb, mountaineer, ski, splitboard, camp, backpack and other outdoorsy activities can shop for high quality, reliable apparel and gear from top outdoor brands.


We contribute over 1% towards the building and support of women's outdoor programs which consists of educational content, gear contributions and donations along with the "Together We Move" Alpinistas Scholarship, awarded to provide the opportunity for underprivileged women to learn mountaineering, backpacking or climbing skills.


Will you join us?

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Alpinistas Mission Statement: 
To encourage and support women to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle.

Alpinistas Values: 
Female-Focused • Approachable & Encouraging • Active Outdoor Lifestyle

How we support our mission & values:

Founded by a woman, led by women, collaborating with more women.


We didn't start as a backcountry boys club nor are we a spin off of a men's sporting goods store venturing into the outdoor market. 


We're real women, athletic, locals, typical gals who've climbed the ranks (mountains) to become proficient in more than a few outdoor sports.  We're lovers of the mountains, nature, gear and we're gladly willing to share our expertise with other aspiring or experienced outdoor women.

Approachable, Encouraging & Supportive

We consistently push out informative content to help you choose the right gear for your activity.  From activity outfit guides to our email subscribers receiving monthly gear highlights to everyone having access to gear experts for custom advice.  


We also highly encourage the use of #alpinistas to allow our community of outdoor women to share their adventures in an effort to empower both those on the sidelines as well as more advanced women to explore more of mother nature.

Alpinistas gives back over 1% of sales to support women's outdoor programs.  This is done through a commitment of time, sales revenue and affiliate partnerships as well as our Together We Move Scholarship Program.


Visit here for more information on the Together We Move Scholarship.

Outdoor Stewardship:  Alpinistas participates in charitable and good citizenship programs through out the year to support outdoor causes.


Alpinistas Ambassadors:  The Alpinistas Ambassador program seeks to include & promote women from across the country that represent our values.