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Thermarest Z Lite™ SOL Sleeping Pad


Thermarest Z Lite™ SOL Sleeping Pad

Lightest, most compact closed-cell foam pad with boosted warmth.

The Z Lite SOL is a popular choice among ultralight backpackers and hikers, and for good reason. This sleeping pad builds upon the already impressive performance of the Original Z Lite by incorporating our reflective ThermaCapture™ coating, which captures radiant heat and boosts overall warmth by nearly 15%. The pad also features heat trapping dimples, which further enhance warmth, resulting in an impressive R-Value of 2.0.

Whether you're camping in warmer weather or layering up for colder temperatures, the Z Lite SOL is a reliable option. The proprietary foams used in its construction are designed to provide extra comfort on top and enhanced durability on the bottom, making this closed-cell foam pad ideal for ultralight backpackers in search of a highly compact, dependable and comfortable sleep system.

Overall, the Z Lite SOL is a high-performance sleeping pad that is perfect for those seeking a lightweight and reliable option. Whether you're embarking on a multi-day hike or camping under the stars, you can rest easy with the Z Lite SOL from Thermarest.


  • Advanced Warmth:surface reflects radiant heat back to your body, amplifying the warmth of the heat-trapping dimples by 15%; use reflective side-up.
  • Compact Design: Folding design is compact and easy to pack.
  • Extra Durable: Virtually indestructible, the proprietary closed-cell foam provides lasting, economical comfort.
  • Layer It: Add 2.0 R-Value and protection from punctures when you layer the Z Lite SOL under another sleeping pad.
  • Endless Utility: Sleeping pad, sitting pad, mosquito swatter... Fold it and find your best uses!

More Specs

  • R-Value - 2.0
  • Weight - Regular 14oz, Small 10 oz
  • Thickness - .75 inches
  • Packed Dimensions - 20x5x5.5 in (regular)


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