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Recon Bottle 25oz

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RECON 750 ml 

Start a revolution in your backpack. Vividly clear, virtually indestructible, and made out of 50% Recycled Plastic material. RECON was born out of our collective belief that great gear for the trail can and should be lower impact on the environment. An enlightened way to hydrate.

–  Cap and bottle made clear using Tritan® RenewTM Tech – impact, stain, and odor resistant

–  Smooth flow twist cap is quick to open/close – 180° turn delivers the perfect flow rate for a glass-like drinking experience; twist back to close for leak-proof transport

–  Flexible TPU bail handle is comfortable to carry, lightweight and nearly indestructible

–  Slender bottle shape, designed to fit in your backpack pocket, but versatile enough for everyday use – fits in most cup holders

–  Indented finger groove provides a better grip including with gloves and in all weather conditions

–  Cap and bottle made utilizing EastmanTM Tritan RenewTM Technology, 50% recycled plastic content comes from a variety of sources with PET single use bottles being the primary source

–  To Drink: Align the colored indicator on cap, with matching colored indicator on bottle for a smooth drink-through experience

–  To Close: Twist cap half rotation clockwise until tight, creating a leak-proof seal

–  Easy to clean: Pull and remove inner gasket from cap to clean, reassemble after cleaning – cap and bottle are dishwasher safe, top shelf recommended

–  Can be frozen or filled with hot water (max temp 100’C / 200’F)

–  Safe and reliable, 100% BPA & PVC free


Capacity:  750 ml / 25 fl oz

Weight: 139 g / 4.9 oz

Dimensions:  230 mm x 71 mm / 9.0 in x 2.8 in

Maerials: Tritan® Copolyester PCR (50%), Silicone

Age Group: