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Oso Supply Co

National Parks Climbing Chalk Bag


National Parks Collection Chalk Bag

Introducing the cornerstone of adventure, the bag that initiated a revolution – Oso Supply Co. National Parks-inspired chalk bags, meticulously crafted for the spirited women who embrace the great outdoors.

Elevate your climbing experience, whether scaling indoor walls or conquering rugged terrains outside, with these vibrant chalk bags designed to infuse color into your every ascent.

Oso Supply embraced a sustainable ethos by using premium recycled materials that not only withstand the rigors of climbing but also contribute to the well-being of our planet. The water-resistant properties of these recycled materials ensure that your chalk stays dry, your hands remain soft, and Mother Earth stays content.

Unleash the full potential of your climbing escapades with the large and sturdy bucket design. This spacious compartment not only secures your chalk supply but also doubles as a convenient storage space for your essentials – whether it's dog treats for your loyal companion or energizing snacks to fuel your ascent.

Navigating the challenges of your climb is made effortless with our hassle-free drawstring and buckle system. Engineered for intuitive use, these features allow you to focus on the thrill of your climb, eliminating unnecessary distractions. Seamlessly pull your chalk when needed, and secure it with ease when you're ready to conquer the next pitch.

Embrace self-expression on the ropes as you wield our National Parks-inspired chalk bags, embodying the spirit of adventure and the resilience of women who thrive in the great outdoors. Elevate your climbing game, celebrate individuality, and tread confidently with a chalk bag that not only complements your style but also champions the values of sustainability and durability. Your ascent begins with the bag that started it all – because every climb deserves a touch of vibrant color and a commitment to the environment.

Features & Specs

  • 600D polyester main body construction
  • Soft fleece inner lining
  • Adjustable draw cord closure
  • Structured rim opening
  • Double belt loops for increased stability
  • Waist belt with quick-release clip included
  • 7 inches height x 5 inches diameter
  • 4oz
Age Group: