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Great Alternatives to Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

Great Alternatives to Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

Posted by Alpinistas on Aug 25, 2022

Do Dehydrated Meals Suck?Right now, we’re going to say YES! There is a time in every wilderness explorer’s life when they get to the point of being utterly exhausted with the prepackaged dehydrated backpacking meals that are on the market.Something just strikes us as odd about a food product that h …
Deya's Top Tips for a First-Time Solo Hiker

Deya's Top Tips for a First-Time Solo Hiker

Posted by Alpinistas Ambassador: Deya Bhattacharya on Aug 10, 2022

Solo hikes - a bucket-list dream, or a no-no? Even if you have the most reliable hiking community, at some point you might find yourself having to go it alone. Maybe your companion had to cancel, or maybe they had to turn back halfway along the trail. And at that point you might be wonderi …

Are you a Peakbagger?

Posted by Alpinistas Ambassador Morgan Daily on Jun 14, 2022

Are you a Peakbagger?!The hiking, climbing, trail running, mountain biking…all-things-trail-season is among us. First of all, congrats! YOU made it through another cold (but hopefully exciting) winter season. Now, the flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, and you might be in the process of pre …

How to Get in Shape for Hiking & Trail Running: Beginner's Edition

Posted by Katharine Moustakes for Alpinistas on Apr 01, 2022

Are you giving Type-2 Fun a whirl? We love to hear that.Developing new hobbies, such as hiking and trail running, come with many joys: the fresh air, the spectacular views, and the amazing gal pals you meet along the way.But there's one thing that can level up your trail enjoyment even more!Strength …

Why Our Gear Should Grow With Us

Posted by Alpinistas Ambassador Em Palermo on Apr 01, 2022

When we first dip our toes into the world of outdoor recreation, it’s more than okay to make do with what you have. As time in the backcountry grows longer and the endeavors become more involved, the gear eventually needs to match the intensity of the activity.I went on my first backpacking tri …

Never Too Late

Posted by Alpinistas Ambassador Em Palermo on Mar 08, 2022

A Bit of A Late BloomerI grew up in the suburbs of western New York, miles of sidewalks surrounded by farmland. The outdoors for me were my backyard, the beach at the lake, and a small pocket park we could walk to some afternoons.The cross country team I joined my sophomore year of high school took …