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Alpinistas Accessibility Statement



Alpinistas is dedicated to ensuring that our outdoor experiences and services are accessible to all individuals, reflecting our commitment to empower women in their pursuit of outdoor activities. Recognizing the fundamental importance of accessibility, we strive to create an inclusive environment where every woman, regardless of ability, can connect with nature.


Our Commitment to Accessibility

While our website is currently undergoing a comprehensive accessibility review, we are unwavering in our commitment to effect necessary improvements. Our primary objective is to make our online retail store user-friendly and accessible to the broadest audience, including individuals with disabilities.


Planned Accessibility Features

In consultation with accessibility experts, we are identifying areas for enhancement. Future updates will prioritize compatibility with screen readers, keyboard navigation, and the provision of text alternatives for non-text content. We are implementing design changes to enhance readability and ensure sufficient contrast for users with visual impairments.


Providing Feedback

As we embark on the journey to enhance our website's accessibility, we highly value your feedback. Should you have suggestions or encounter any barriers, please contact us using the following:




Beyond our website, our commitment to inclusivity extends to all outdoor education and recreation programs. The "Together We Move" Scholarship exemplifies our dedication to providing opportunities for women in mountaineering, backpacking, and climbing.


Ongoing Effort

We acknowledge that achieving accessibility is an ongoing process. Regular assessments and updates are integral to our commitment to establishing Alpinistas as a brand synonymous with inclusivity and accessibility within the outdoor community.


Join Us in Our Mission

We extend an invitation to join us in our mission to foster a welcoming and accessible outdoors for everyone. Your engagement and support are pivotal as we collectively work toward this shared goal.